Robotics Camp

Learn how to build and program robots!  Campers will keep the kit robot they build each day.  Campers will also work with Mindstorm EV3 robots.  (Students are not allowed to keep the robots constructed with the Mindstorm kits.)

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Summer Camp in Pictures!

Astronaut Academy

As an astronaut preparing for your mission, you will explore robotics and rocketry and aviation as you prepare for your first mission!  Campers will fly a full Space Mission, visit the e-Planetarium, and fly planes with our flight simulators.  Campers will keep the robot they assemble and the rocket they construct and launch.


In Mission Control, students are scientists and engineers… researching for their teams and analyzing data so they can provide the best recommendations to the astronauts in Space Station.


In Space Station, students are astronauts… conducting experiments and collecting data…






…and sending that data back to Mission Control for analysis.