More Than Missions

More Than Missions:  Using non-Mission STEM programs to increase the bottom line
Challenger National Conference
August 15, 2012
co-presenting with CLC-Tallahassee and CLC-Brownsburg

STEM education is our mission and diversification of STEM programming can be a key to maintaining revenue generation during this economic slowdown.  Over the last several years, many centers have developed several programs to increase STEM education and also the bottom line.  These include but are not limited to in-school Programs, after-school programs, Title I programs, flight director activities, hands-on activities, scout programs, elementary programs, pre-school programs, and camps.  This session is for flight directors and education staff to get together to share ideas that are revenue generating but also STEM education.  Participants are invited to bring STEM materials to share or just come and absorb ideas.

Ideas from CLC-Columbia: