Aerospace Design

Earth’s Atmosphere

  • Here we review the Earth’s atmosphere, with particular emphasis on the characteristics of the troposphere and stratosphere, where virtually all aeronautical activities occur.
  • Atmosphere Simulator:  Students work with simulations to gain a better understanding of the relationship between altitude, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure.
  • Flight Simulator:  Students learn the basics of piloting an airplane on an introductory flight lesson, or review the basics if they’ve had prior flight training on the flight simulators.


  • Students gain an understanding of basic airfoil (wing) parts and construction as well as different designs and terminology associated with their use on airplanes.
  • Airfoil Simulator:  With this simulator, students explore the relationship between lift, drag, and angle of attack on different wing designs.
  • Flight Simulator:  Students fly the flight simulators as they analyze aerodynamic forces by comparing vector analysis output and data output and how it changes during various maneuvers.

Piston and Jet Engines

  • Students learn the parts of both piston and turbine (jet) engines and how the process of internal combustion produces power in both types of engines.
  • Engine Simulator:  With this simulator, students explore different engine input variables to see how it affects engine output.
  • Flight Simulator:  Students fly different aircraft that have different types of engines.  Emphasis is on aircraft engine instruments… tachometer, oil temperature and pressure, fuel flow, and turbine speeds.

Airplane Design

  • Students learn about different fuselage, empennage, and wing designs as well as different materials and manufacturing processes used in manufacturing of aircraft.
  • Airplane Design Workshop:  With this design application, students will design a passenger airplane that achieves the most economical ticket price on several assigned cross-country flights.
  • Flight Simulator:  Students fly airplanes similar to those that they designed in the airplane design workshop, as well as high performance fighter aircraft.