Astronaut Theater

Please let us know if you are interested in adding Astronaut Theater to your group’s visit.  The following videos are available:

Space School Musical:  Move and groove along with the planets, moons, meteors, comets, asteroids, and even some rockin’ scientists as they sing, dance, and serve up the freshest faces in the galaxy.
(about 30 minutes)

When Weather Changed History:  Challenger Episode (donated by The Weather Channel):  This episode follows the disaster which ultimately led to NASA redesigning its shuttle’s solid rockets and changing the way launch decisions are made.  This video is NOT recommended for young children.
(about 45 minutes)

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Videos:  The LRO launched in June 2009 and has been sending back data to help us understand our Moon.  This is a collection of videos created by the LRO mission, including:
(about 20 minutes)

  • LRO:  Mapping our Future
  • LRO:  Entering Orbit (Lunar Orbital Insertion)
  • LRO:  Lunar Eclipse
  • LRO:  The Evolution of the Moon
  • LRO:  Crater Count
  • LRO:  Tour of the Moon
  • LRO:  Trailer

The Journeys of Apollo:  A NASA documentary describing the Apollo program from 1968-1972, describing how astronauts tested new vehicles and rockets, journeyed beyond our home planet, and shattered the frontiers of human space exploration.
(about 60 minutes for the full length version; about 10 minutes for the short version)

NASA eClips:  We have several NASA eClips available.  Most of the videos are short (less than five minutes); we have some packages of clips available aligned to SC Content Standards.  Let us know if you’d like your students to view several short clips or one of the longer clip packages.

eClips packages (20-30 minutes each):

(Science Standard 4-3.8)

  • #59-Arecibo:  The Largest Radio Telescope on Earth
  • #55-Observatories on Mauna Keo
  • #52-Chandra:  Exploring the Invisible Universe
  • #41-Hubble History

Our Solar System
(Science Standard 4-3.1)

  • #78-What is the Solar System
  • #63-Our First Dwarf Planet
  • #79-Moons in Our Solar System
  • #57-Stardust (meteorites)

The Sun and Moon
(Science Standard 4-3.3)

  • #41-The Sun, a Real Star
  • #35-Two Eyes on the Sun
  • #20-The Moon
  • #21-What is a Tide?

Clouds and Weather
(Science Standard 4-4.2 and 4-4.4)

  • #44-Cool Clouds
  • #45-Cloud Inspection
  • #13-What is Weather?
  • #10-What is a Hurricane?

Work, Energy, and Simple Machines
(Science Standards 6-5.6, 6-5.7, and 6-5.8)

  • #14-What is Work?
  • #17-How Pulley’s Work
  • #19-How Gears Work
  • #15-How Elevators Operate
  • #16-Science in the Circus

NASA eClips (complete listings)