Drone Demos

Drones are physics and math and coding and engineering all rolled up into a flying robot of fun.  Kids love them and kids want to know more about them.  If you’d like to tap into this excitement, Challenger can help!

Our certified Remote Pilot is available to visit your school, talk to your students about how to safely and legally fly a drone, share information about drone careers, and perform a drone flight demonstration.

If you would like to schedule a Drone Demo at your school, please contact us at [email protected].

Related Careers:

  • photographer
  • real estate
  • engineering
  • disaster relief
  • civil/government agencies

Drone Demo FAQs

  • Where will the demonstration be located?
    • Drones need a large unobstructed area in which to fly. If you have an area like a football field or a large playground without trees and power lines, we can do the drone demonstration outside.  Or, if you have a gymnasium, we can do the drone demonstration inside.
      However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rules about where drones can and cannot fly.  If your location is too close to an airport or other restricted airspace, our drone will NOT fly.  (This is a safety feature that is built in to our drone.)
  • Is there anything you need the school to provide?
    • Our drone is equipped with a camera.  We have a portable television to show the drone video, so students can see what the camera sees.  We need access to a regular power outlet to power the television.(We have found that the district’s wi-fi can sometimes interfere with the video downlink, so we may not be able to view the video downlink at certain sites.)
  • What about the weather?
    • If there are high winds, reduced visibility, or precipitation, we cannot fly the drone outside.
  • How many students can watch the demonstration?
    • The drone needs to fly at least 25 feet away from people, so you can have as many students as you want as long as they can stand 25 feet away from the flying area.Please make sure you have enough chaperones for the students. Our drone pilot will be watching the drone, not the students.
  • How long does the demonstration last?
    • The drone operates on batteries. A typical demonstration flight takes about one hour.  Currently, we can do two demonstration flights per day.
  • Can you talk to the students about drone careers?
    • We would prefer to schedule a time to talk to your students about drone careers separate from the demonstration. Our presentation includes information about drone careers, how to fly drones safely and legally as a hobby, and how students can earn their Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. (Students can earn their Remote Pilot Certificate at age 16 and can begin preparing for the written knowledge test before then.)