Home School Groups

Home school groups are welcome to schedule visits to Challenger for groups of ten to forty-eight.

Frequently requested programs, with pricing information, are listed on our registration form. It is expected that home school parents will participate in programs with their children, so the “number of students min/max” on this form refers to the total number of participants (parents and students).

After a home school group organizer has submitted their registration form, Challenger will provide the organizer with a confirmation form. The organizer will need to sign and return that confirmation form, along with a deposit, to reserve their program.

If the home school group has a range of ages and would like to have different programs for different age groups, we can accommodate two groups of twenty-four participants at the same time. However, some programs may not be run concurrently (if they require the same classroom space or materials).

In order for us to provide the best program possible, the organizer should plan on confirming the total number of participants in your program at least one week in advance. On the day of the program, the organizer should plan to arrive prior to the arrival of the other home school participants and should plan to remain until the other home school participants have departed. The organizer is expected to pay for the activity prior to the start of the activity (so it is more efficient if the organizer collects payment from participants prior to the day of the program).

To view descriptions of individual programs, please use the Programs tab above.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about scheduling a home school group visit to Challenger.

To recap, the organizer will:

  1. Schedule your date with Challenger Learning Center;
  2. Submit your confirmation and deposit of $50 per day to Challenger Learning Center;
  3. Confirm your number of participants at least one week prior to your scheduled date;
  4. Collect payments from your participants prior to the scheduled date;
  5. Arrive at Challenger Learning Center before your scheduled start time on the scheduled date and make payment for your group;
  6. Remain with your group until all participants have left Challenger Learning Center.


  1. What if my home school group doesn’t have at least ten participants?

If your group doesn’t have at least ten participants, you can join a field study being planned by another home school group. These are groups who have visited Challenger in the past who have indicated they would accept other home school guests with their group:

  • Carolina Homeschool (contact website)
  • OCHEA (Orangeburg Christian Homeschoolers Education Association (contact)

Student building robot.
Student building robot.
Student building rocket.
Student building rocket.
Students flying drones.
Students flying drones.
Student flying simulator.
Student flying simulator.