Mission Preparation Tips

Before the mission

Complete the Crew Manifest and bring two copies of the manifest to the Challenger Learning Center on the day of your flight.

Tips for Completing the Crew Manifest:

  • If you assign students to teams by filling in the positions on the Crew Manifest in numerical order (assign a student to Mission Control-Communication, then assign a student to Space Station-Communication, then assign a student to Mission Control-Data, etc.), you will ensure that all teams have a sufficient number of students to be successful.
  • Divide your class evenly between Mission Control and Space Station.  If you have 20 students, have 10 students in Mission Control and 10 students in Space Station.
  • Divide each team evenly between Mission Control and Space Station.  Example, if you have 22 students, you should fill out slots 1 through 22.
  • The Isolation Team, the Remote Team, and the Life Support Team send text messages.  If you have students who are good at texting, these teams would be a good choice.
  • If you have any questions about completing your Crew Manifest, please contact us prior to your visit.  We would be happy to assist you by phone or email so your Mission can start promptly when you arrive.

A brief overview of Challenger Learning Center (video, 1:39 minutes)

The day of the mission

  • Bring Crew Manifest (two copies)