Boy Scout Weather Camp

Boy Scout Weather Badge Requirements can be viewed at

Before the Camp

All Weather Merit Badge requirements will NOT be covered during the camp. 

Boy Scouts should complete their Weather Merit Badge workbook prior to attending camp, except for items 5 and 8. 

Boy Scouts may complete item 9 prior to attending camp and have their Scout Master sign or initial their workbook.

Boy Scouts cannot complete their daily weather log (item 8) until after they construct their anemometer during Weather Merit Badge Camp.  Our Merit Badge Counselors will coordinate with Scout Masters to review daily weather logs when they have been completed.

Our Merit Badge Counselors will NOT sign scout’s blue cards until all items have been completed.

Research Resources

A Concise Guide for the Weather Merit Badge by Jay R. Stockton, Senior Forecaster, National Weather Service, Medford, Oregon
available here:–A_concise_study_guide.pdf